Landscape Partnerships are a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant programme for the conservation and enjoyment of areas of distinctive character. 

The Colne Valley Regional Park Landscape Partnership ran from 2019 to June 2023. It provided £2.4m ( £1.6m of National Lottery funding and a further £900k of local funding) to preserve and enhance the landscape for people and wildlife. The Landscape Partnership brought together wildlife organisations, local authorities, and water companies, and was led by community charity Groundwork South.

We are proud to say that “WE DID IT” and you can read the independent evaluation report here. It will give you the highlights of what we and all our partners achieved for the Colne Valley.

You can see on the infographic to the right just how much has been achieved (click the image to enlarge it).

There was much more delivered through this ambitious collection of projects which you can read more about below.

Through this wide ranging scheme, the partnership took steps to bring a cherished landscape back from the brink of decline by co-ordinating conservation work, and helping connect communities with their heritage, enabling them to understand and take responsibility for it.

The aims of the Landscape Partnership Scheme are:

    • To restore and strengthen the character of this unique landscape, and its visibility, focusing on key habitats building resilience and the ability to sustain it in the long term.
    • To reconnect local communities with their heritage, raising awareness of the Colne Valley across a wider range of people through learning activities, providing detailed information and interpretation resources, organising cultural events and creating volunteering opportunities.
    • To invest in skills at grassroots level to enable the stewardship, of the landscape based on a specialised and locally specific volunteer and training plan.
    • To create a robust, active and effective partnership for managing the area beyond the life of the Landscape Partnership Scheme.

As part of the development of the Landscape Partnership a Landscape Character Assessment has been produced for the Colne Valley Regional Park

For more information about the project please see our LCAP document.

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