Your place in the Colne Valley

The Colne Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme aim was to improve people’s access to the countryside by improving path networks and increasing awareness of available walking routes.

The best example of a site that was in urgent need of improvement is the footpath which runs under the A40 near Denham Country Park and helps link Denham with the Alderglade Nature Reserve and ultimately Uxbridge. This path has long been covered in litter and has been the target of fly tippers, with degraded broken fencing and an uneven and dangerous surface. The area is a site for graffiti which evokes mixed responses but it has to be acknowledged that the bridge supports are the recipients of some pretty dramatic artwork.  This project has put in new secure fencing and re-surfaced the section of footpath that runs under the A40 itself. The Hillingdon Litter Pickers took on the massive task of clearing the litter in this area and do a fabulous job of keeping the area tidy.  Now we have a safer  and more attractive walk which helps more people to feel comfortable in accessing the countryside around them and allow them to view the graffiti. In 2023 a further improvement of the path will be made, by widening the path and replacing signage to make the walk more enjoyable.

National Highways helped with funding and increased litter collections.

Litter on the embankment of the A40. This area is generally heavily littered from the lay-by above. This is how it looked in 2019. Thanks to National Highways and Hillingdon Litter Pickers it looks much better now.

Before: the footpath under the A40 which leads to Denham Country Park was in urgent need of improvement.

After: New fencing beside the path under the A40.

The newly laid path under the A40.

Team meeting under the A40.

Further improvements were made at other sites, including the creation of a new path linking Iver village to the Colne Brook.  The entrance to the Canal in Cowley, Frays Farm Meadows, Staines at Two Rivers shopping centre and the Swan and Bottle in Uxbridge amongst others.

All these improvements combined will greatly benefit the connectivity of the Colne Valley and hopefully encourage you to discover your place in the Colne Valley.

Information board beside the Swan & Bottle, Uxbridge

View on the Heronsgate Circular Walk.

Way In leaflets

We have created these excellent ways in leaflets to help you discover the countryside near you! They contain: many different routes to take you in and allow you to explore, the variety of flora and fauna you may discover and the different transport methods to get you there!

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