The Colne Valley Regional Park is a member of the Colne Catchment Action Network (ColneCAN). This is a partnership that brings together water companies, local authorities, charities, anglers, conservationists, local residents and businesses to ensure a co-ordinated catchment-wide approach and local action.  These stakeholders collaborate to achieve six aims for improving the river catchment:

  1. To improve wildlife corridors
  2. To improve water quality
  3. To manage flow
  4. To control invasive non-native species
  5. To involve people with their local waterbodies
  6. To work together

For more information on the projects being delivered, please see the ColneCAN website

As part of our contribution to ColneCAN, we also manage a range of river improvement projects in the lower catchment:

  1. The Lower Colne Fish Passage Project
    A project focusing on resolving barriers to fish passage on all waterbodies.
  2. The Colne Floating Pennywort Project
    Reducing the range and spread of floating pennywort. 
  3. The Lower Colne Catchment River Improvement Project
    Identifying and carrying out river restoration works.

Find out more here about our involvement in Riverfly Surveying.