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A lifeline for water voles

It is sad to think that the once prevalent water vole could disappear from our water courses altogether in the future, if current rates of decline in numbers continue.

New Abstraction Consultation – Affinity Water

The Environment Agency is seeking your views on an application from Affinity Water to vary its groundwater abstraction licence. The deadline to comment on the application is 31st January 2020. The existing licence permits abstraction at three sites near Batchworth, West Hyde and Blackford.


Threats to the Colne Valley

There are many development proposals at the moment, it feels like ‘open season’ on the countryside of the Colne Valley Regional Park. We have been busy over recent weeks working on responses to planning applications and consultations for development proposals. Find out more…

Can you save water and save your local rivers?

Check out the video that was produced by young people at Drip Drop Summer School where we explored the topic of water awareness and conservation in Colne Valley Regional Park.

Local events for the new year flowing through the valley

Here at the Colne Valley Park, we are keen to introduce people to all areas and rural aspects of the park and that is why every month we will be sharing local rural events across your Regional Park. Please have a look at the local offers and events that are available for you, without having to break the bank or travel too far...

Lord Randall - President of the Colne Valley Regional Park

Lord Randall has acted as a local MP for 18 years, as well as an environmental advisor to former Prime Minister. He has previously served as a director of the Colne Valley Regional Park Community Interest Company - “The Colne Valley is facing unprecedented threats, and I will do everything I can to protect this precious but fragile landscape for future generations to enjoy.”

River Rangers - January 2020

We are organising many free events in January for our River Rangers Team. Come along and help us look after your local river in 2020

Green Infrastructure Strategy for the Colne and Crane Valleys

AN EXCITING and crucially important green strategy document for the Colne and Crane Valleys has been launched.

How about a greener Christmas this year with well being gifts?

Research shows that experiences provide more lasting happiness than objects and a voucher for a meal, paying for a course or activity, a new hobby experience or an annual subscription to a local venue or conservation group may be a good option to choose this year. Find out what experience you can buy in the Colne Valley Regional Park..