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Floating Pennywort – The not-so-lucky pennies covering our rivers

One of many projects Colne Valley Regional Park is leading on is to educate people about species that are harmful for our ecosystem and some can be harmful for people if they get in contact with them. These species are called non-native invasive species, and one of them is the Floating Pennywort, which we aim to educate you about in this article.

Walking the Ivers

The Iver & District Countryside Association have been working on an interesting project they have named ‘Walking the Ivers’. This is a new idea to encourage local people to walk and explore their local countryside and rights-of-way. Find out more here with some real-time video clips on you tube of places to explore and enjoy in the parish of Iver.


Caring for our rivers in the Colne Valley Park

We have an amazing and vitally important network of beautiful rivers and waterways in the Colne Valley, and the Park’s River Rangers play a crucial role in keeping them in good condition. Our project manager for rivers, Chloe Crompton describes the Rangers as the heroes of our waterways: their work includes carrying out essential riverfly surveys to help us monitor the health of the rivers, and they are often the first to spot and report any signs of pollution.

Bird and Bat Boxes in the Colne Valley Park

The Colne Valley Regional Park is full of habitats that are ideal for our winged wildlife, namely bats and birds. These fascinating animals can be seen in towns and cities, in woodlands, meadows, on lakes and just about everywhere else in the valley.In a time of increasing urbanisation, we are doing our bit to give our amazing wildlife a helping hand.

The Colne Valley Regional Park Annual Forum 2020

In place of the the Annual Forum 2020 we bring you the Colne Valley Virtual Forum, an update on our work across the Colne Valley Regional Park. Here you will find really positive stories and more information about some of the challenges facing this fragile, precious though constantly threatened landscape.

Fisheries management training 2020 – Booking now open

As part of the Heritage Lottery Funded ‘Colne Valley: A Landscape on the edge’ project, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust and the Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative are excited to offer this training opportunity to clubs with fisheries within the Colne Valley Regional Park. A limited number of places are available for this training and therefore we are offering places for 2 representatives from each club, each of whom should ideally be a fishery manager for qualifying waters.

Find the perfect place to stay in The Colne Valley Regional Park…

The Colne Valley Park has many unique, rural accommodation venues, in order to make your stay a real relaxing treat. If you are looking for a lovely, unique venue to stay whilst exploring the Colne Valley Park, here are a few of our most popular….

Explore your Colne Valley Park – Summer edition is ready!

Welcome to our new summer newsletter which shares lots of ideas on things to do at this time of year, interesting information about your local countryside and our projects, inspiring stores of how the Colne Valley Park can make a difference to us all and an interview with Lord Randall of Uxbridge and his support for the Park. Enjoy and please do let us know any of your questions or ideas from reading the articles.

The Colne Valley Park making a difference

The Colne Valley Park enriches people’s lives with a big impact, it provides a special place to relax, to be active outdoors, it feeds creative outlets, educates and creates some wonderful times for many local people. It has long been protected as an important space for people’s recreation and wellbeing and that has never been more important to people than in recent times. Meet some of our Colne Valley locals who told us a bit more about what their local countryside has given them in recent times….