Windows to the valley project

The Colne Valley Regional Park is full of amazing and beautiful landscapes. This project aimed to provide more spaces for people to enjoy the views and create more “windows” into the Valley. The locations of these viewpoints were chosen to provide a window into as many different landscapes as possible. From more urbanised areas, to rivers and lakes, the Windows to the Valley project aimed to showcase the variety that makes the Colne Valley Park so special.

The work at some of these viewpoints may have been simple as clearing vegetation along a road to allow passengers to experience natural views of our countryside as they pass through it. It is hoped that locations like this will encourage people to stop and explore the wider park. Views over rivers, canals and lakes formed a significant part of this project as these are some of the most dominant, and picturesque, habitat types in the area. To help inform visitors Interpretation boards were also put up at key locations. These will provide a reference point within the Colne Valley and present information on some of the local sites and wildlife.

This project, together with other projects like the ‘Colne Valley Trail’, ‘A Bridge to the Country’ and ‘Walks through a Changing Landscape’, aimed to help raise awareness of the Colne Valley and encourage better understanding and appreciation of our local countryside.