Bridge To The Country

The Colne Valley Regional Park covers 43 square miles and contains sites of recreation and biodiversity interest all the way from Staines in the south, to Rickmansworth in the north. Many people are unfamiliar with where the Colne Valley starts and finishes and often people don’t know they’ve entered the park.

Four sites will be improved as gateways, to help connect people to the Colne Valley Regional Park . One at Batchworth Canal Centre in the north, at Langley Park in the west, at Denham Country Park in the east and at Lammas Recreation Ground in the south. These sites will be improved with new interpretation and signage that will help orientate people around the specific site and around the Regional Park as a whole.

There will be other improvements going on, including new improvements to encourage biodiversity such as: habitat work and bird boxes as well as footpath improvements to increase accessibility. We hope this project will really help people understand and appreciate this amazing resource and help them feel connected to the Colne Valley Regional Park.

Orientate yourself in the Colne Valley Regional Park and get ideas for exploring locally.

A newly installed sign at Batchworth Lock Canal Centre.

What We’ve Achieved

There are now new signs and improvements at each of the four gateways to the park: North, South, East and West.

Batchworth Lock Canal Centre is the Northern Gateway to the Colne Valley Regional Park.

The new interpretation panel not only highlights the Batchworth Lock Canal Centre but also features the Rickmansworth Aquadrome and Grand Union Canal. As well as drawing your attention to the other gateways into the Colne Valley Regional Park (East – Denham Country Park, West – Langley Country Park, and South – Lammas Recreational Ground in Staines)

For a bit of family fun, you can pick up the Batchworth Lock Canal Centre Activity sheet at the Centre or the Colne Valley Visitor Centre at Denham Country Park.

Signage outside the Canal Centre.

Listen to the messages on the recently installed audio post in the Batchworth Lock Canal Centre garden.

Langley Country Park is the Western Gateway to the Colne Valley Regional Park

Langley Country Park has a new Gateway Sign.  Recently installed in the main carpark, here you can refer to maps to learn where you are in the Colne Valley Regional Park and discover where you can go in Langley Country Park.

New trails in the Temple Garden and Path improvements

1K and 2K trails have been installed.  Both starting in the Temple Garden follow the 1K waymarks for a walk that weaves throught the rhododendrons of the Garden, but if you perfer to venture a bit further a 2K waymark trail will take you through the Temple Gardens, down the vista and up Verney’s Walk

Much needed improvement to some of the paths at Langley Park Country Park were also included in the Bridges to the Country project. Hopefully, vistors to the park will have a much smoother experience.