Bridge To The Country

The Colne Valley Regional Park covers 43 square miles and contains sites of recreation and biodiversity interest all the way from Staines in the south, to Rickmansworth in the north. Many people are unfamiliar with where the Colne Valley starts and finishes and often people don’t know they’ve entered the park. To help connect people to the Colne Valley Regional Park 4 sites will be improved as gateways. One at Batchworth Canal Centre in the north, at Langley Park in the west, at Denham Country Park in the east and at Lammas Recreation Ground in the south. These sites will be improved with new interpretation and signage that will help orientate people around the specific site and around the Regional Park as a whole. There will be other improvements going on, including new improvements to encourage biodiversity such as; habitat work and bird boxes as well as footpath improvements to increase accessibility. We hope this project will really help people understand and appreciate this amazing resource and help them feel connected to the Colne Valley Regional Park.

Interpretation board at NorthMoor Hill Wood