The Context

The Colne Valley Regional Park is amongst the most pressurised parts of the Green Belt.  The Green Belt is seen by the market as a good development opportunity as there is a vacuum of policy addressing development pressures/‘needs’. The Colne Valley is at the epicentre of this problem, with currently proposals for

  • more than a dozen data centres (20-30m high)
  • motorway services
  • Warehousing
  • Tens of thousands of houses
  • Huge film studios and many other speculative developments.

All sandwiched between two of the biggest civil engineering projects in Europe: HS2 and proposed Heathrow expansion.

If no tangible action is taken and no changes made then, by default, local communities and city populations will be forced to suffer the effects of this uncoordinated development frenzy. Unfortunately, at the moment we are sleepwalking into huge change around our cities – no one is planning for this, very few people say they want it. But it is happening. We have been advocating solutions over the last few years and are grateful to those in positions of power who have listened, understood and acted. But unfortunately our efforts to promote proper political understanding and buy-in are still not cutting through with key decision-makers. Therefore we have launched a campaign:

The Campaign

Your Countryside in Crisis – a call for action!

Persuade decision-makers to act now to protect the special landscape of the Colne Valley Regional Park, specifically safeguarding it for future generations and enabling it to realise its full potential for the benefit of people and wildlife.

We are pressing for implementation of a five-point plan:

  1. Influence Local Planning
  2. Restore the Landscape
  3. Reform National Planning
  4. Establish Status
  5. Protect Nature

This is a pro-countryside campaign, not an anti-development campaign.

The Colne Valley and other areas of ‘inner’ green belt abutting major cities face an existential threat, we need to re-focus onto the positive benefits of the Green Belt for people and wildlife. The Colne Valley, on the edge of five counties, is the perfect case study to help understand what’s going on and why national policy change is needed. We are at a crucial crossroads, the coming months will dictate which path is taken.  Call to action:

  • Individuals, community groups, charities: actively support this campaign and the five-point plan.
  • MPs, national government and local government: actively support us on points 1-2 and play your part in implementing points 3-5.

The future of the Countryside on your doorstep is in your hands. But time is running short.

What You Can Do to Help

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do now to help

Watch this space! Keep an eye on this webpage for up to date news about this important campaign!