The Colne Valley landscape has always been vulnerable to change:   from gravel extraction, to farming and agriculture, to digging the canals and building the M25 ‘Walks through a Changing Landscape’ is a project which will celebrate the changing Colne Valley landscape through workshops and publications.

A series of free workshops will enable participants to express their experiences of the Colne Valley landscape through creative writing, photography and art.  Inspiration will come from site visits and the guidance of professional teachers and some the work produced will be selected for e-book or exhibition submission.  The publication of an e-book and exhibitions will provide opportunities for the public to engage with the workshop participants’ work.  Hopefully, generating thought provoking considerations about the changing landscape of the Colne Valley Park.

The project will also be Walking through Time…a team of volunteers will endeavour to interpret the walks from Stephen Springall 1907 book, ‘Walks Around Uxbridge’.   The ‘translated’ walks will be edited for a new walks publication, which will include work from the arts and photography workshops.  The new walks booklet will be made available to the public and in addition with the assistance of volunteers we plan on holding regular walks using the routes from the new booklet.

This is a very exciting project and provides many opportunities for people to volunteer and get involved whether it is attending a workshop or leading a ‘new’ walking route giving other members of the public the chance to experience the changing landscape of the Colne Valley.

To learn more please contact: Fiona Brewer –