The following statement sets out how the Colne Valley Regional Park will look by 2050:

In 2050, the Colne Valley Regional Park is a network of high-quality countryside, villages, green spaces, lakes and waterways.

It forms a unique and precious green buffer immediately to the west of London, centred on the River Colne and the connected waterways, lakes and canals. Water quality, flow and condition throughout is improved and exceeds all statutory requirements. The Park has a high profile and fulfils its enormous potential as a regionally significant destination for recreation and relaxation.

The Colne Valley Regional Park is a vibrant, living entity vital to good health and overall well-being: an important environment, rich in wildlife, in which people live, work and play, and one that actively encourages farming and forestry to thrive.

The Six Objectives

Everything we do in the Park is guided by the six objectives: Landscape, Countryside, Biodiversity, Recreation, Rural Economy and Community Participation. The boxes below provide links to more information about each of our objectives and an example of projects we have worked on to enhance the Colne Valley Park. For projects we are currently working on please see our project page here.