Safeguard the Countryside

The Colne Valley Park was established in 1965 when the previous generation saw its potential to serve communities of west London and neighbouring counties in providing a valuable escape into the countryside. With each passing year, the Park has to fight harder than ever to preserve its precious and fragile landscape against a wave of threats. These include giant infrastructure projects like the High Speed 2 railway line, and proposals for a new runway and further expansion at Heathrow Airport.

The Colne Valley Park does not automatically oppose all development. While we may support some sustainable projects, it is a hard fact that loss of land, habitats, open space and recreational areas, comes with responsibilities and obligations for developers to mitigate the direct impact their schemes have on landscapes, wildlife and communities. This damage is hard to overcome without their substantial support and willingness to provide at least an equivalent – or preferably better – environment.

Balancing the need for development against the protection of the countryside in the interests of healthy lifestyle, recreation, education, farming and wildlife in today’s modern world is a difficult task. Where these developments do go ahead, it is important to ensure there is effective mitigation to minimise their impact on their surroundings.

See below for position statements on some of the largest developments proposals affecting the Colne Valley Regional Park.

We have created a story board which makes the case for the protection of the Colne Valley Regional Park and why this is so urgent. Scroll down to play.

The Colne Valley Park and High Speed 2 Railway Line (HS2)

Position Statement

The Colne Valley Regional Park is publicly and determinedly opposed to the HS2 project, which will have a direct negative impact on a precious and already vulnerable landscape. Read More.

The Colne Valley Park and the Heathrow Expansion

Position Statement

The Colne Valley Regional Park is publicly and determinedly opposed to Heathrow’s expansion proposals, which will fundamentally change the southern third of the Colne Valley Regional Park. This gigantic project will have a significant and far reaching impact on the Park and its wildlife, and will affect the way people use and enjoy it.

It is important that we draw Heathrow’s attention to the potentially devastating impacts on the Park; three of the key effects are outlined here and will form the basis of the Park’s engagement with Heathrow. Read more.

Rail Access to Heathrow.

Position Statement

There are two proposed new rail links to Heathrow Airport: Western Rail Link to Heathrow which is proposed to run from Slough. Southern Rail Link to Heathrow which has several proposed routes some of which impact upon Staines Moor. Read More.