River Enhancement

The Riverside enhancement project aims to enhance the River Ash for wildlife and people. The River Ash is a distributary of the River Colne that flows for 10km between Staines and Shepperton. This once natural river has been heavily impacted by urbanisation, which has resulted in many of the rivers natural features being lost and the valuable habitat it once offered to wildlife becoming degraded. The river has poor connectivity with the surrounding floodplain, which once provided extensive marsh habitat, providing a diverse array of flora and fauna and offering a home to both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. As part of the river enhancement project we are looking to enhance the river ash site next to bronze field prison for wildlife and the local community.

The site holds the potential to be enhanced as a wetland nature reserve, with ponds and backwaters working in synergy with the river to provide mosaic of varied aquatic habitats. We envisage an extensive network of river channel and ponds that will allow fish, amphibians, invertebrates and waterfowl the parameters they need to thrive. The site will also be improved for the access and appreciation of local people, engaging with the local community and encouraging more residents to visit the site. The project has just begun thus we are in the planning stages identifying habitat work with the aim of completely the practical work to improve the site in 2020.

River Ranger working in River Ash