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Goose connections

We work hard to protect the Colne Valley for both wildlife and people – below is the story of some of the geese resident in the Colne Valley written by Mary Pearson one of our amazing volunteers.

Ambush Corporate Volunteering Day in Northmoor Hill Woods

Ambush Security experienced a corporate volunteering day with us at Northmoor Hill Woods in July. It was a very productive day – they worked hard, achieved a fantastic amount, enjoyed the fresh air, exercise and the chance to relax and talk as a team.


Improving the Green Belt and its Planning Webinar

The Colne Valley Regional Park hosted a free online webinar on “improving the green belt and its planning” on 6th July 2021.

River Ash Improvement Project

The River Ash is a distributary of the River Colne which flows for 10km between Staines and Shepperton. It was once a natural river but has been directly impacted by urbanisation resulting in many of the river’s natural features being lost and the valuable habitat it once offered to wildlife becoming degraded. The Colne Valley Regional Park has worked with Spelthorne Council, The Environment Agency and Spelthorne Natural History Society to successfully deliver a project to re-naturalise the River Ash adjacent to Bronzefield Prison in Ashford.

Nature Explorer Activities

We may not be allowed to do too much socialising at the moment, but getting outside and letting nature inspire you to get creative is a great option with some of our activities...
Julia Dorans

Favourite Autumn and Winter walks in the Colne Valley Regional Park

Nature is putting on an amazing display of Autumn colours right now. Could she be telling you to leave your screen, get out there and enjoy some fresh air and exercise? Here are some places to walk suggested by the Colne Valley Park team.

Caring for our rivers in the Colne Valley Park

We have an amazing and vitally important network of beautiful rivers and waterways in the Colne Valley, and the Park’s River Rangers play a crucial role in keeping them in good condition. Our project manager for rivers, Chloe Crompton describes the Rangers as the heroes of our waterways: their work includes carrying out essential riverfly surveys to help us monitor the health of the rivers, and they are often the first to spot and report any signs of pollution.

Floating Pennywort – The not-so-lucky pennies covering our rivers

One of many projects Colne Valley Regional Park is leading on is to educate people about species that are harmful for our ecosystem and some can be harmful for people if they get in contact with them. These species are called non-native invasive species, and one of them is the Floating Pennywort, which we aim to educate you about in this article.

Walking the Ivers

The Iver & District Countryside Association have been working on an interesting project they have named ‘Walking the Ivers’. This is a new idea to encourage local people to walk and explore their local countryside and rights-of-way. Find out more here with some real-time video clips on you tube of places to explore and enjoy in the parish of Iver.