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Colne Valley Regional Park

Colne Valley Trail Project

The Colne Valley Trail weaves its way through the heart of the Regional Park and connects the major towns in the Vally including Staines, Uxbridge and Rickmansworth. The trail takes in a variety of habitats including; lakes, woodlands and rivers…


Figure 1. Fish and eel passage installed at Thorney weir in Thorney

Fish Highways

River networks are a fundamentally important habitat. They have shaped the landscape and our relationship with water for millennia. Over time, people have made numerous modifications to watercourses, harnessing them to serve their needs.
Denham Country Park

Walks through a Changing Landscape

The Colne Valley landscape has always been vulnerable to change:   from gravel extraction, to farming and agriculture, to digging the canals and building the M25 ‘Walks through a Changing Landscape’ is a project which will celebrate the…