10th April 2024

Iver Environment Centre and Colne Valley Regional Park were delighted to host visitors from Bosch UK last month to carry out tree surveys and maintenance on some of our new saplings.
As part of Bosch UK’s celebrations of its 125th anniversary, the local company donated 125 trees to the Iver based Education Centre. Three Multistem Birch and two Rowan saplings were planted to provide interest and shade to the accessible playground area, along with 120 native whips which have been carefully planted to provide a new maze to enhance the play area.

The hedge maze includes a mix of native species including Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Dogwood and Hazel, which are fantastic year-round food for a variety of animals, from waxwings to robins. Planted between these will be wildflowers, ivy and honeysuckle to benefit pollinators as well as providing a multisensory experience for visitors. The hedge maze will also act as a wildlife corridor for small mammals, connecting the bushes that run along the right-hand side of the site with the predominantly hedged barrier on the left that runs between Iver Environment Centre and the neighbouring field.

Iver Environment Centre offers a range of activities and education sessions designed to inspire people to explore and reconnect with nature. The centre engages people of all ages and abilities through holiday activities, curriculum linked education sessions for schools and a variety of volunteering opportunities.

We are hugely grateful to Bosch UK for their donation of 125 trees for our site. We have around 8000 visitors who engage with our site every year. They will be enthralled to have such an exciting new area to explore.

We are delighted with the support from Bosch UK and to help celebrate their 125 Years in UK anniversary. Our local corporate partners are a huge help in supporting our aims to protect, enhance and promote the Colne Valley Regional Park.

Volunteering at Iver Environmental Centre was very fun and interesting. Nikkita and I learned a lot about how to see if a tree is healthy, and if not, what could be the cause. The trees and the maze planted last year are all in good condition and they will embellish this already beautiful space.

I had a great time volunteering at Iver Environmental Centre, where Victor and I got involved in several activities. We looked at signs of tree health and decay, by examining them up close using scopes, and cleared weeds and debris from tree shoots to allow them to grow well. We had a look at one of the trees Bosch planted and surveyed it for health, along with checking the many other trees that Bosch planted and how well they are progressing. It was a brilliant opportunity to see the fantastic work the centre is carrying out to maintain the environment!

Thanks to Victor & Nikkita for their work learning about how we monitor our trees and how we can help them to thrive.