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Join the Colne Valley Team in the battle against Invasive Species

The Colne Valley Team are working hard to reduce Invasive Species which are growing abundantly in the Colne Valley Park, damaging our native eco system. This takes determination as these species are very effective at spreading. Invasive Species week which runs from 16th-22nd May 2022 has inspired the team to redouble their efforts.

Bluebell and Springtime walks with the Colne Valley Park

If you live locally then why not take a springtime bluebell walk and visit one of the wonderful woodlands in the Park that shares this this gorgeous spectacle but be warned – they don’t last for long, typically, bluebells appear from mid-April to late May, depending on the weather.


Colne Valley Regional Park urges Government to review Green Belt policy

It's no exaggeration to say the threats against the Colne Valley Regional Park and indeed the Green Belt as a whole, have reached crisis point. We have written to Michael Gove to explain seven positive suggestions for improvement to the government’s planning policy in a bid to relieve the situation.

The Colne Valley Regional Park is Fighting for its Life

The Colne Valley is facing unprecedented pressures and is fighting for its life to maintain its vital role as high quality, wildlife rich, productive and accessible green space for local people. We have sent a briefing note outlining the situation to local MPs and Local Councils.

What’s New at Woodoaks Farm?

Exciting things are happening at Woodoaks Farm near Maple Cross: they're turning organic. Discover more about what that really means, the history and legacy of the farm, their new dynamic mission and how the Colne Valley Park team are getting involved to support them.

Goose connections

We work hard to protect the Colne Valley for both wildlife and people – below is the story of some of the geese resident in the Colne Valley written by Mary Pearson one of our amazing volunteers.

Ambush Corporate Volunteering Day in Northmoor Hill Woods

Ambush Security experienced a corporate volunteering day with us at Northmoor Hill Woods in July. It was a very productive day – they worked hard, achieved a fantastic amount, enjoyed the fresh air, exercise and the chance to relax and talk as a team.

Colne Valley Festival Fortnight 2021 Feedback

Looking back at the first Colne Valley Festival Fortnight which ran from July 24th to August 8th 2021. Here is a gallery of festival moments to enjoy. Thank you to our partners who made it possible. What did you think? Please share your thoughts and photos with us.

River Ash Improvements Update 2021

The River Ash in Ashford has been re-naturalised for the benefit of wildlife and people, learn more here about how these improvements are bedding in.