Cattle return to Rickmansworth

The Dexter cattle were reintroduced to Stocker’s Lake meadows after an absence of many decades. It was a delight to see the first three being released from the corral into the meadow. Shy for a second, they were soon quickly enjoying their new-found freedom, jumping and running around in excitement. When the second batch was released, the herd reunited in the middle of the field, touching noses in greeting. This was a moving moment for everyone watching them. They ran once around the field before turning to face the public to moo a loud ‘thank you’

The return of our meadow flowers

The cattle’s grazing will restore the meadow, forcing back the coarse and dominant grasses and allowing more invertebrates and lower growing plant species to thrive. Stockers Lake is the first of three meadows in the Colne Valley where cattle will make a return this year as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project. If you want to get involved in helping to return wildflower meadows to the Colne valley by learning how to survey changes in biodiversity, contact us for volunteering opportunities in your local area. And if you want to receive an invite to the next introduction or a ‘meet the farmer’ day, then please get in touch.

Contact details: Lonneke Klein-Aarts, Conservation Officer Grazing,

Volunteer opportunity – Join us in this exciting project

We will soon be introducing cattle at two more meadows within the Colne Valley Regional Park. The meadows are at Denham Country Park and Staines Moor. As part of the Colne Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme and in partnership with London Wildlife Trust , we are looking for local residents to help conserve, survey (e.g. butterflies, bats, wildflowers) and champion your local meadows. People that walk regularly at Denham Country Park or Staines Moor can also help by keeping an eye on the cattle whilst they restore our meadows.