6th June 2019

The Amigos Social Group

A big part of our work involves spreading the word about the many projects currently under way across the Colne Valley Regional Park.

Last week, Fiona Brewer, our Events and Interpretation Officer, spent some time with the Amigos Social group that caters for those with visual impairments and meets once a month at Christ Church in Uxbridge.

Fiona told the group about the history of the regional park, and gave a presentation on some of the 19 projects being carried out over the next three years as part of the £2.65m lottery-funded Landscape Partnership Scheme.

She talked about some of the problems caused by invasive species and what can be done about them, nature conservation group support, and the range of pleasant walks that can be enjoyed through the Park’s changing landscape.

Visually Impaired Map of the Colne Valley Regional Park

Fiona paid particular attention to the ‘fish passage’ project – much needed improvements are now being made to rivers and waterways across the Park to assist fish as they migrate to and from their spawning grounds, and generally move around.

She built a model of a typical fish passage, so that members of the group could feel its contours and textures to get a better understanding of what is being done.

She also made a map of the Colne Valley Regional Park area with a raised boundary that the group members could also touch.

To learn more about the Park, the projects, our work in general and how you can get involved, head to our project page. You can also keep up to date with what’s going on in the Park by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Amigos Social Group using a Map of the Colne Valley

Model which Fiona created of the Fish Passage before and after