28th June 2019

Colne Valley Regional Park in June 2019

Colne Valley Regional Park has been busy in June. We have had many young people and adults visiting  and learning about Colne Valley Regional Park, the Misbourne River and the importance of saving water. We also took part in National Volunteer week in June and had many free events available for the public. July is coming up which includes many exciting events including the annual Colne Valley Park Festival. Find out more below.

In Denham Country Park we had a fun visit from The Brownies in Ickenham and The 13th Roxeth Scouts. Both groups enjoyed a day out having fun and learning about the importance of our local river.

Water is a precious resource in Colne Valley Regional Park and the Colne Valley Team is working hard these days educating young people and adults about why it is important to look after our local rivers. As part of Landscape Partnership Scheme, which is supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund and Affinity Water, we will be running a FREE summer school in August. For more details find out more here or contact Chloe Crompton: [email protected]

The 13th Roxeth Scouts visiting Colne Valley Regional Park

The Ickenham Brownies exploring Mini Beasts in Colne Valley Regional Park

Brownie visit

In June we had a visit from The Ickenham Brownies to the Denham Country Park. The group had a fantastic time getting in touch with nature. Their visit included a river duck race, a mini best hunt and river dipping. They really enjoyed themselves and hope to come back soon for more events and activities.

The Brownies river dipping in the Misbourne River

The Brownies River minibeast hunting in Denham Country Park

The 13th Roxeth Scouts

The 13th Roxeth Scouts enjoyed their the longest day of the year, June 21st , at Denham Country Park.  They enjoyed an evening of river dipping, learning about water awareness, orienteering and even a duck race!  Beaver, Cubs and Scouts came along to discover the fascinating creatures living in the Misbourne River from freshwater shrimp, cased caddis fly larvae, mayfly nymphs and bullhead fish; they used compasses and compass bearings to orienteer their way around Denham Park and learned about water use in the home and how it impacts the rivers in the Colne Valley Park.

The 13th Roxeth Scouts River Dipping in the Misbourne River

Discover the fascinating creatures living in the Misbourne River

National Volunteer week 2019

Colne Valley Regional Park took part in National Volunteer week in June 2019. We had loads of free events available for the public; Guided Nature Walks, Riverfly Workshop and Nature Conservation day. It was great to have so many showing interest in what we are doing and thank you to everyone who joined us.

Riverfly workshop June 2019

Riverfly monitoring taster sessions

During volunteer week we held fun and interactive Riverfly monitoring taster sessions on the Misbourne River at Denham Country Park. Thank you to everyone that came along to learn how to use river creatures to determine river health. To find out more about Riverfly monitoring and how you can get involved please click here 

Riverfly workshop June 2019

Coming up in July

In July we do have loads of exciting events happening which are free of charge.  Follow ups on Facebook to get reminders about our upcoming events and news.

Green Infrastructure Strategy for the Colne Valley

A Green Infrastructure Strategy for the Colne and Crane Valley’s has been drafted and is out for consultation until 21st July 2019. This intention is that this will inform green infrastructure planning for the future. If you would like to see a copy please contact Deborah.Valman(at)groundwork.org.uk. The final version will be published on this website later in the summer.