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Natural Connections Project Gains Grant from Green Recovery Challenge Fund

Groundwork South and London Borough of Hillingdon submitted a joint bid to the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund for a project entitled ‘Natural Connections : Colne Valley Park’. We are excited to report that our project was approved.

Nature’s Space Invaders

The watercourses are the blue veins of the Colne Valley Regional Park, providing a lifeline for all wildlife, encouraging a diversity of aquatic and terrestrial species and giving a vital source of water, recreation and relaxation for us humans, too. Sadly, they face many challenges and threats, main ones are over-abstraction, pollution, high water consumption and the widespread problem of non-native invasive species (NNIS) our ‘space invaders’ Find out how we are helping....


The Arts Society Gerrards Cross – Children’s Art Competition

You could win a £50 voucher in our art competition! So, dust off your arts and craft stuff, rummage through your mum’s sewing box, check out your recycling and create a memory of your visit to the Colne Valley Park...