21st May 2021

The Colne Valley Team are working hard to reduce Invasive Species which are growing abundantly in the Colne Valley Park, damaging our native eco system. This takes determination as these species are very effective at spreading. Invasive Species week which runs from 24th -31st May 2021 has inspired the team to redouble their efforts.

What are invasive species and why do they need to be removed?

One of the biggest challenges in the Colne Valley is tackling the threat from non-native invasive species which are taking over our local landscape and rivers. The main plant threats include Floating Pennywort, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed. Learn more here: Nature’s Space Invaders.

Meet the Team

The invasive species tackling team is led by Chloe our Rivers Manager, with help and enthusiasm from Mirza our volunteer trainee and our amazing volunteers the River Rangers.

Tackling Invasive Species is not for the feint hearted. This task takes determination, knowledge: which we’re spreading in our webinars and time to organise practical sessions and volunteers effectively.

Please Donate:

We need your help to keep on top of invasive species.

One way you can make a vital difference is to donate.

The Colne Valley Regional Park relies on donations and grants in order to be able to look after this precious countryside. We would be extremely grateful for any support no matter how big or small to help us.

What’s On in Invasive Species Week 2021 in the Colne Valley Park?

Here in the Colne Valley Park we have packed Invasive Species Week with events: online workshops to inform and practical sessions to remove pennywort and bash balsam.

  • Pennywort online workshop Tues 25th May 10-12
  • Balsam Bash practical session Wednesday 26th May  10-4 Harmondsworth
  • Balsam Bash practical session Friday 28th May 10-4  Denham
  • Non-native Invasive Priority Alert Species Zoom Saturday 29th May 10-4
  • Balsam bash practical session Sunday 30th May Stanwell Moor

Click here for more details and how to join – Activities & Booking.

Note: No experience is necessary if you want to get involved for the first time you can.

Please note the fight will continue after this week, so keep checking our website for future activities to join.

Test your Invasive Species knowledge

Do you know your Knotweed from your Giant Hogweed?

Have fun testing your invasive species knowledge with our interactive quizzes below:

Volunteers removing Himalayan Balsam

More information on Invasive Species

More information on invasive species in the Colne Valley Park:

Nature’s Space Invaders

Invasive Species in the Colne Valley Regional Park

Floating Pennywort the not so lucky pennies covering our rivers

A Giant Among Weeds

The Lower Colne Catchment Floating Pennywort Project aims to reduce the amount of this invasive species in the river Colne, read here about its progress.

What Is Invasive Species Week?

From 24th-31st May 2021 Invasive Species Week returns, for the first time since 2019

The alien invaders made a comeback in 2020 whilst the world was brought to a halt.

Find out more on the Invasive species week website.