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Balsam Bash – Volunteer events

Himalayan Balsam despite having these beautiful pink flowers, it is in fact a non native invasive which is invading and damaging our rivers and wet woodlands. Would you like to help remove this plant and protect our rivers? Volunteer with us and  save our rivers.

Attack of the Space Invaders: Non-Native Invasive Species in the Colne Valley

The Colne Valley Regional Park covers 43 square miles and is interspersed with a variety of habitats and over 200km of rivers and canals. This beautifully diverse area is under attack by “space invaders” that threaten to disrupt the natural order of its aquatic and riparian ecosystems. Find out more..


Cows Improve Countryside

Would you be surprised to learn that Cattle help in the conservation of the countryside? We can explain not only this but how you can help ensure these cows are happy and enjoy the meadow wildlife they create.
Figure 1. Fish and eel passage installed at Thorney weir in Thorney

Fish Highways

River networks are a fundamentally important habitat. They have shaped the landscape and our relationship with water for millennia. Over time, people have made numerous modifications to watercourses, harnessing them to serve their needs.

From Uxbridge to Orkney

Having just returned from two weeks in the Orkney Islands working on the Ness of Brodgar excavation, it is interesting to return to the Colne Valley and compare the two places.