1st November 2020

Nature Explorer Activities

We may not be allowed to do too much socialising at the moment, but getting outside and letting nature inspire you to get creative is a great option with some of our below activities.

Why not have a look at our activities to help engage your children and encourage wildlife observation.

Enjoy your countryside and don’t forget to support your local rural business.

November is the 11th month in our year so here are 11 things you can do outside while you explore the Colne Valley

Get some fresh air and explore Denham Country Park while you answer questions about nature and the Country Park.

If you have any binoculars then great, but not essential and why not take along a pad for writing down any notes or making any drawings. If you have a garden, balcony or window have a go at this FREE downloadable activity sheet Bird Watching.  Keep an eye out throughout the day and hopefully you will spot the birds on the activity sheet and possibly even ones that are not. If you are not able to leave the house, why not leave out some bird food and see what you can observe in your own garden?

This activity allows you children to go on a nature scavenge, collecting nature’s gifts, whilst learning about the trees they come from and the fruits they produce. If you have a garden or even if you don’t have a go at this FREE downloadable activity sheet Leafing About.  You may not have all these trees but you might have some or maybe you have some different trees not on the sheet.  See what you can find? If you don’t have a garden, why don’t you print of the activity sheet and try tracing and colouring the leaves on the activity sheet creating a picture.

Why not, try brass rubbing when you visit us at the Colne Valley Visitor Centre/Denham Country Park. Remember to bring along some paper and crayons and download the map from the Colne Valley Website.

Just a bit of fun! Can you find the things that belong to the pictures and answer the questions? Explore Denham Country Park’s meadow, rivers, and woodland and don’t forget to visit the canal!

Get creative with nature

Below you can find some artwork from local children using nature’s gifts from their gardens or walks.  Why not have a nature scavenge and create something beautiful yourself or as a family.  It’s a great way to get some exercise and relaxation time too!  Please send us an email with your creations – we would love to see them!