17th October 2022

Corporate Volunteers from Mace Group have been supporting the Colne Valley Regional Park by working in Denham Woods.

Mace Volunteers have come on multiple work days during September and October. One particular task in Northmoor Hill Wood that they were undertaking was to cut willow and ash from the wet wood to make it boggier and encourage biodiversity. The day these photographs were taken it was predicted to be wet but fortunately the rain stopped early and the sun came out. The tasks are being directed by Matt Hartgrove from Groundwork South.

We’d like to thank all the Mace volunteers for their hard work and are delighted to see them really enjoying the task and working hard.

One of the volunteers said…

This is the fourth time I’ve come volunteering. I love these woods and didn’t even know they were here before. It’s so refreshing to be here, to see nature and wildlife and to hear the comments from the public walking past, who always give positive feedback about our work. I will be back.

Mace Group have committed to delivering 500 hectares of biodiversity improvement over the next 5 years. This involves several projects across the country. One of these projects is working with the Colne Valley Regional Park to undertake biodiversity enhancements at Caps Wood and Northmoor Hill Wood in Denham. This is delivered through corporate volunteering days to help us control invasive species and undertake coppicing (a traditional woodland management technique) that allows more light to reach the woodland floor in Springtime to encourage the growth of Bluebells and other woodland wildflowers.

What a Corporate Volunteering Day in the Colne Valley Regional Park Involves

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