5th October 2022

Development threats are ever-present across the Colne Valley Regional Park and the wider region but we are now doubly concerned. You may have seen that the RSPB is hugely worried about the government’s deregulation agenda. So are we. ‘Red tape’ is a loaded phrase – in reality it represents regulation that protects the Green Belt, wildlife, rivers, irreplaceable ancient woodlands, footpaths, farmland  and public access.

This alarming deregulation agenda poses a direct threat to the ‘jewels in the crown’ of the CVRP like Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Chiltern Open Air Museum, Black Park, Iver Environment Centre and Staines Moor. They will all be severely compromised as development moves closer to their boundaries, rivers polluted and paths linking them no longer running through green space, farmland, hedgerows, meadows and woodland.

Who and What protects the Colne Valley Regional Park?

Some local MPs have stated support for the Colne Valley Regional Park and the Government has responded to our letters with statements like: “The government is committed to protecting and enhancing the Green Belt”. But “protection” is weakening fast and we have seen little, if any, enhancement strategy for decades. We need to hold MPs to account to ensure their words become action.

The Colne Valley Regional Park in 2018

The Colne Valley Park is Fighting for its life: learn more about the development threats

The immediate future showing approved schemes (current Pinewood Studios expansion & Hs2 works) and if planned proposals from Local Authorities and others) are followed through.

How you can help

We all need to act NOW if we want to realise the potential of the Colne Valley Regional Park for wildlife, food production and access to the natural environment, with all the benefits to health and well-being this brings. We are asking YOU to help us lobby Council Leaders, MPs and government to protect and enhance the countryside on your doorstep. There are three things you can do:

Please act now. Time is running out. Thank You