Rural Economy

The Colne Valley Park aims to support the rural economy in the urban fringe as pressures on land, agriculture and forestry in and around it intensify. More than 90% of this countryside is Metropolitan Green Belt; more than 40% is landscape shaped before the 20th Century.

Welcome to Langley Park Farmland

Langley Park farmland is as the name suggests ‘farmland’: it is not part of Langley Park Country park. The grassland you are walking on provides food for a herd of grazing beef cattle in the summer. The red cattle you may see are a native breed Sussex whilst the black cattle are Aberdeen Angus. The grassland is in organic conversion.

Please respect the cattle by keeping dogs under close control, picking up their poo and taking all litter home. Please stick to the paths as multiple footfalls wear out the grass leaving less for them to eat. 

The cattle live at Rowley Farm opposite Black Park during the winter. The farm has a pop-up farm shop directly retailing beef and lamb.

If you have any concerns about the cattle why not message farmer John on 07768 473787 

Colne Valley Regional Park 

Langley Park is an important landscape of the Colne Valley Regional Park: the first taste of greenspace as you travel west from London. Read more about the Park here

Pressures of development and agricultural change have seen the farms of the Colne Valley become fragmented and many are now unviable as individual farms. Fly-tipping and illegal incursions, apart from being unsightly, pose a risk to the health of livestock and damage crops. Those farms remaining have diversified to support their income so they can continue food production. Many have amalgamated or have been sold. Private and commercial land ownership has seen the growth of farming specialists able to look after the land and meet the needs of the new owners. Much of the land remains under the threat of development not just for housing but also light industry and local and national infrastructure projects.

Your walk in the Langley Park farmland is evidence of the importance of your local farmland for health and well-being. The feel-good value of local farmland greenspace as a place to walk in or look over the fence can’t be underestimated. There are not resources for all the land to be looked after as a country park or nature reserve.

The Colne Valley Regional Park’s management team recognise that farming and farmers have a key part of the rich mosaic landscapes within the Park. The Park publishes a series of walks that includes paths across the farmland and encourages everyone to get out and enjoy the countryside.