Help Save Our Rivers – Become a Water Ambassador

Our rivers are under threat – they are drying up and disappearing across the Colne Valley and beyond and we really need your help! This is not good news for wildlife and paints a grim future of a dry river valley for us all but we can make a massive difference by working together.

We have an exciting, FREE new programme called Water Ambassadors to explore how our daily water usage is affecting our rivers and wildlife and what we can do to stop our rivers drying up.

This short online series of information and activities will take you on an interesting journey over 2 hours (which you can start and stop at your leisure) where you will learn about;

  • Where our water comes from
  • Where we use the most water
  • The real threat to our local rivers
  • River wildlife and its importance balance for biodiversity
  • How to make positive changes to save water, money and help wildlife

Sign up to the Water Ambassador Programme below.

Together we can keep our rivers flowing.

Register for the Water Ambassador Programme

Join the water saving movement and help to make valuable changes for rivers. Register for the FREE Water Ambassador Programme by filling in the form below. Once registered log in detail and all the information you need will be emailed to you.

If you have any questions please contact Colne Valley Regional Park


    Its free, fun and engaging programme, plus water play an essential part of our life for cooking, cleaning, playing and bathing. Our bodies are even made up of 60% water! So without water we would not survive.

    All of us here in the Colne Valley Regional Park have the highest water consumption in the country in an already water stress area so we taking vital water away from our rivers, wildlife and habitats. Without water our local environment will perish and us too. But we can all make small changes to our homes and lifestyle to save our local ecosystem. Together we can make a massive difference, keeping our rivers flowing, plants blossoming, dragonflies buzzing and kingfishers chirping. Join us to learn more about how you can make a difference.

    No, this programme is FREE and has been funded by Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Colne Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme.

    No, all the information will be covered throughout the programme.

    It takes 2 hours but you can stop and start whenever. Plus the water saving challenges can take as long as you like.

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    Check out the ‘Keep Rivers Flowing’ page here on Colne Valley website or contact [email protected] for more information.