14th September 2020

The Iver & District Countryside Association have been working on an interesting project this summer which they have named ‘Walking the Ivers’. Paul Graham their chairman, introduces the project:

“A small group of us here in Iver, all members of the Friends of the Colne Valley Park, and all involved with practical clearance and maintenance of the Public Rights of Way network, have launched a project to further encourage local people to walk and explore their local rights-of-way. The goal is to have real-time video clips of all 30km public footpaths and bridleways in the parish of Iver available on you tube.”

Behind the camera is Andy Thomas, whose original idea it was. Andy is responsible for the videoing, editing, artwork etc. Appearing in the videos are Paul Graham and Carol Gibson who both have extensive local knowledge which they share whilst walking.

Andy, Paul and Carol have now done 70% of all paths in Iver and plan on completing them all soon. They are pleased to say that there has been a lot of positive feedback from the public. As you can see in the photo, they have been enjoying the recent fine weather. Here they are, just about to set off on a walk that starts in Iver Village and goes across two ancient fields called Stonecroft and Widecroft.

If you’d like some ideas about where to walk in this area, you’ll find plenty amongst their extensive video collection.

“Walking the Ivers”

The parish of Iver is situated within South Buckinghamshire and comprises the villages of Iver, Iver Heath and Richings Park. It is in the middle of the Colne Valley Regional Park, 43 square miles of countryside on the western edge of London, stretching from Rickmansworth in the north to Staines in the south. Much of Iver Parish is designated Green Belt and surrounded by several Country Parks. Criss-crossing the Ivers is an approximate 30km network of around 35 Public Rights of Way, Footpaths, Tracks, and Bridleways, popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders and often passing through stunning countryside and areas of historical interest.

“Walking the Ivers” is an online video playlist of this network of Public Rights of Way. Viewers select a Footpath or Bridleway to join a real time, accompanied walk, experiencing its sights and sounds with occasional pauses where knowledge of the route, its flora and fauna may be shared. Viewers may leave their comments on these videos, increase the sharing of knowledge about the Ivers. “Walking the Ivers” brings residents and potential visitors an insight into this unique network of footpaths and bridleways, improving awareness and encouraging more to visit and experience them for real. Taking a walk or exercising outside in green spaces and natural light is a great way to connect with nature and improve health and mental wellbeing.

How to view the online video playlist

Option 1: Open YouTube, the online video-sharing platform, and search “Walking the Ivers” to view the playlist.

Option 2: Join the Walking the Ivers Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/walkingtheivers

Click here to find out more about the Iver and District Countryside Assocation and here to find out more about the Friends of the Colne Valley Park.