Bayhurst Wood Country Park

United Kingdom
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Bayhurst Woods are part of Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve, which is ‘ancient semi natural woodland’ a remnant of the Wildwood that once completely covered England after the last ice age. Bayhurst Woods are the only part of Ruislip Woods that lie within the Colne Valley Regional Park. This woodland contains hornbeam coppice, oak and beech, they are managed by the London Borough of Hillingdon.The Ruislip Woods Trust have a ‘Yellow Walk‘ which goes from St Martins Church in Ruislip to St Mary’s Church in Harefield. You can pick up part of the route, by following the yellow arrows from the entrance to Bayhurst Woods to Harefield Church. Alternatively you can follow the David Brough Cycle Route, a 2 km circuit of the woods, which can be equally enjoyed on foot.