1st November 2019

Green Infrastructure Strategy

We are pleased to announce the publication of a Green Infrastructure Strategy that covers both the Colne and Crane Valleys.  This strategy articulates the importance of the Colne and Crane landscapes, setting a vision and an approach to unite around. It has been prepared to address the significant and numerous challenges of the 21st century in this area and is a call for action that highlights a wide range of “greening” opportunities as well as river enhancement projects.  This strategy has been designed to be used by developers and Local Planning Authorities to inform the design of development proposals and their comprehensive mitigation obligations.

This is an important part of The  Heritage Lottery Landscape Partnership Project and was compiled  by The Colne Valley Park CIC, Crane Valley Partnership  Groundwork South together with ARUP.  Many partners took part in the consultations during the development of this report and we are grateful for their valuable input.

The strategy has been recognised by the Landscape Institute and has been shortlisted for their 2019 awards.