Bringing the Colne Valley to you

Come with us on a digital journey, showcasing the Colne Valley. See the signs of all the seasons in the Valley, learn more about our current challenges and what we offer to enrich your lives and wellbeing. We hope this is an opportunity for many of you to explore more of the Colne Valley through your technology, but also a time when you can be inspired to plan for walks and places to visit. We have many things for you to enjoy on our website and many things on the way.

We hope we can bring some enjoyment to your day with a range of picture galleries, filmed workshops and interviews, as well as a range of recent articles.

Colne Valley in Spring and Summer

We have  friends taking their daily exercise in the Colne Valley  and they have been sharing their photos with us so that we can all follow the changing seasons from our screens.

Picture gallery

Have a look at our picture gallery and explore more of the Colne Valley through your technology.

Virtual Tours of the Colne Valley

Have a look at our virtual tours and explore more of the Colne Valley through your technology.

Watching Bats from your window

As the weather warms up, bats are starting to become more active. We wanted to tell you more about this fascinating group of mammals and how you can watch them from the comfort of your own home. Check our article to learn more.

Bird watching outside your window

Our Habitats Officer Adam Bolton will talk you through some birds you may be able to see from the comfort of your own home, with some interesting facts and stories that you may not have known.

News articles to provide some sunshine

There has been loads happening in the Colne Valley, why not check our news articles to find out what we have been up to?

Explore Colne Valley Newsletters

Our newsletters welcome you all to explore all the wonderful places and sites of the Colne Valley Park has been created and ready to read.  You will find lots of interesting information about the region, ideas on new places to go or things to try and meet many of the people who work, volunteer and visit here. So far we have published two newsletters which you will find below.

Edition One

Edition Two

Edition Three