The Colne Valley Park is important for biodiversity, in particular the string of wetland habitats running down the centre of the park provide homes for plentiful wildlife right on the edge of London.   With regard to site designations the Colne Valley Regional Park contains:

  • Part of 1 Special Protection Area

  • Part of 1 National Nature Reserve

  • 13 Sites of Special Scientific Interest

  • 7 Local Nature Reserves

In addition there are many non-statutory county wildlife sites, ancient woodlands and informal nature reserves.

The Colne Valley Park is a favoured place for birdwatchers and conservationists who visit such sites within the Park as Stockers Lake, Broadwater Lake and Staines Reservoirs.


The Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust have produced a series of factsheets on some of the best sites to watch wildlife in the Colne Valley Park, click here to download : Reserve Fact Sheets