17th July 2020

Keeping the Colne Valley Park beautiful

It has been wonderful to see so many people really enjoying their local countryside and exploring new areas that they never knew existed. Although most people are respectful of their surroundings, unfortunately we have seen an increase in littering, fly-tipping and thoughtless actions which cause damage and can harm wildlife and cattle.

Just some of the horrible scenes we have encountered in the Park recently

A growing problem is people leaving their litter next to full bins. If the bin is full, or there is no bin, please take your litter home. This is important because wildlife and farm animals will eat what is left behind and could become seriously ill or even die as a result. Taking your rubbish home also means that others can enjoy clean and pleasant green spaces and waterways.

We ask that visitors are considerate of all other users of the Park – walkers, cyclists, horse riders, bird watchers, anglers, boaters etc, and, of course, the farmers who make their livelihoods through feeding the nation and help manage the countryside.

The Countryside Code

Help us keep the Colne Valley clean and safe for visitors and wildlife alike by following the countryside code: