3rd June 2019

Preventing Water Voles from becoming extinct

This project is hosted by Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust and aims to secure the future of the existing water voles in the Colne Valley by providing optimal habitat around their current stronghold. This will be achieved through extensive survey work within the valley and through advisory work with local landowners and managers. Survey results will be feed into a habitat action plan from which practical improvements will be identified and implemented. Volunteers will be trained in water vole ecology and survey techniques as well as in American mink monitoring and control.

Progress to date – Around 50% of the River Colne has been surveyed for water vole presence, with further surveys planned throughout the summer. A number of volunteers have also been trained in survey techniques during a visit to Fray’s Farm Meadows nature reserve. Liaison work with landowners and managers in ongoing to achieve access for survey and secure mink monitoring sites.

Follow this page for more information and news when the project progresses.

Preventing Water Voles from Being Extinct Project – News and update

Water vole (c) Paul Thrush