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Colne Valley Regional Park

Colne Valley Trail Project

The Colne Valley Trail weaves its way through the heart of the Regional Park and connects the major towns in the Vally including Staines, Uxbridge and Rickmansworth. The trail takes in a variety of habitats including; lakes, woodlands and rivers…


Figure 1. Fish and eel passage installed at Thorney weir in Thorney

Fish Highways

River networks are a fundamentally important habitat. They have shaped the landscape and our relationship with water for millennia. Over time, people have made numerous modifications to watercourses, harnessing them to serve their needs.

Neolithic life in the Colne Valley

Early humans often inhabited the floodplains around major river valleys and while the river itself would have provided a means of navigation as well as water for drinking or attracting animals, gravels were also utilised and provided raw materials for one of the most prevalent human artefacts in human history, the flint tool.