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Favourite Autumn and Winter walks in the Colne Valley Regional Park

Nature is putting on an amazing display of Autumn colours right now. Could she be telling you to leave your screen, get out there and enjoy some fresh air and exercise? Here are some places to walk suggested by the Colne Valley Park team.

Nature Explorer Activities

We may not be allowed to do too much socialising at the moment, but getting outside and letting nature inspire you to get creative is a great option with some of our activities...


Caring for our rivers in the Colne Valley Park

We have an amazing and vitally important network of beautiful rivers and waterways in the Colne Valley, and the Park’s River Rangers play a crucial role in keeping them in good condition. Our project manager for rivers, Chloe Crompton describes the Rangers as the heroes of our waterways: their work includes carrying out essential riverfly surveys to help us monitor the health of the rivers, and they are often the first to spot and report any signs of pollution.

Lord John Randall of Uxbridge, supporting the Colne Valley Park

Lord Randall has loved the Colne Valley and its surrounding countryside his entire life. He first became involved more than a decade ago, while MP for Uxbridge, becoming a trustee of the Colne Valley Community Interest Company and helping raise the profile of this fragile landscape. John Randall’s Parliamentary career has also involved serving as a Deputy Chief Whip, and a spell working as environmental adviser to former Prime Minister Theresa May. His love for nature and a deep concern for the local area has driven much of his career and popularity.

Attack of the Space Invaders: Non-Native Invasive Species in the Colne Valley

The Colne Valley Regional Park covers 43 square miles and is interspersed with a variety of habitats and over 200km of rivers and canals. This beautifully diverse area is under attack by “space invaders” that threaten to disrupt the natural order of its aquatic and riparian ecosystems. Find out more..

Cows Improve Countryside

Would you be surprised to learn that Cattle help in the conservation of the countryside? We can explain not only this but how you can help ensure these cows are happy and enjoy the meadow wildlife they create.
Colne Valley Regional Park

Update from Colne Valley Regional Park- Covid-19

Groundwork South, who are the managing agent of the Colne Valley Regional Park, are closely monitoring the current coronavirus situation and we would like to reassure our visitors and volunteers that your health and wellbeing is our absolute priority.

In the Footsteps of an Edwardian

We are following  Stephen Springall’s 1907 book Country Rambles Round Uxbridge and producing a new walk guide that illustrates the changing landscape.

Free Training – Non Native Invasive Species Management

Non Native Invasive Species Management. We are all cooped up at home at the moment but nature definitely isn’t and now that it is Spring everything is starting to grow and blossom. This includes non native invasive species which wreck havoc on our river systems and other habitats. We will be holding two workshop, 19th and 20th of May which will teach you how to manage invasive species.