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Meet Kabir a conservationist and wildlife writer, passionate about London’s biodiversity

Kabir Kaul is an inspiring young conservationist. Through writing, broadcasting, public speaking and social media, he raises awareness about the capital’s green spaces and their wildlife, which he calls the ‘Wild Side of London’ – and believes every Londoner has a responsibility to protect it. Kabir tells us about how he first discovered Colne Valley Regional Park, his favorite wildlife spots, and his concerns for the future of the park.

Write to Michael Gove to register your objection to Bucks Council disposing of green belt land that has been held in trust for 85 years.

Please write to Michael Gove today, starting your letter with “I object to this disposal” then in your own words state why you object. This is a case where numbers of letters does matter



Colne Valley Curiosities

There are all sorts of “curiosities” in the Colne Valley Regional Park. Perhaps you have stumbled across them, marvelled and wondered what they are and how they got there? We thought it might be fun to gather some photographs here and provide some explanations.

Denham Eel Passes Installed

Our project to make it possible for eels to swim upstream past man made barriers in Denham is complete. We have successfully installed Eel Passes, to allow eels to negotiate weirs in the River Colne, at New Denham and in Denham Country Park where the Rivers Colne and Frays meet.

Meet John Whitby – Chairman of the Colne Valley Regional Park

John Whitby is a local farmer who has lived and worked in the Colne Valley all his life, playing a leading role in preserving this unique landscape for future generations to enjoy. By necessity and training, John has been a champion of the importance of farming and farmers as a key fixture of life on the rural-urban fringe. Throughout his career, he has written and spoken widely on this subject, as well as welcoming interested groups( particularly school children) to the farm...

It’s working in the Colne Valley

We are looking for new members to expand the Colne Valley Regional park team

New partnership with Segro making a difference

Our new “Green Skills Team” are working in Slough supported by a new partnership between Segro, Groundwork South and Slough Borough Council. The team make improvements to the local environment and help local people gain valuable skills and gain future job opportunities.

Christmas around the Colne Valley Regional Park

This Christmas why not consider increasing quality time together, encourage outdoor activity or begin a journey of wildlife love and discovery. Take your family outside this December and celebrate Christmas traditions outside in nature.