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Floating Pennywort – The not-so-lucky pennies covering our rivers

One of many projects Colne Valley Regional Park is leading on is to educate people about species that are harmful for our ecosystem and some can be harmful for people if they get in contact with them. These species are called non-native invasive species, and one of them is the Floating Pennywort, which we aim to educate you about in this article.

Walking the Ivers

The Iver & District Countryside Association have been working on an interesting project they have named ‘Walking the Ivers’. This is a new idea to encourage local people to walk and explore their local countryside and rights-of-way. Find out more here with some real-time video clips on you tube of places to explore and enjoy in the parish of Iver.


Caring for our rivers in the Colne Valley Park

We have an amazing and vitally important network of beautiful rivers and waterways in the Colne Valley, and the Park’s River Rangers play a crucial role in keeping them in good condition. Our project manager for rivers, Chloe Crompton describes the Rangers as the heroes of our waterways: their work includes carrying out essential riverfly surveys to help us monitor the health of the rivers, and they are often the first to spot and report any signs of pollution.

National Volunteer Week 2019

Join us at the National volunteer week 2019 aims to celebrate all the hard work of volunteers across the country. Here in the Colne Valley Regional Park we greatly appreciate the hard work of all the volunteers that help look after our precious and historic landscape. To say thank you, we are running a series of events from the 1st to the 7th June 2019 that are free and open to join.
Figure 1. Fish and eel passage installed at Thorney weir in Thorney

Fish Highways

River networks are a fundamentally important habitat. They have shaped the landscape and our relationship with water for millennia. Over time, people have made numerous modifications to watercourses, harnessing them to serve their needs.

From Uxbridge to Orkney

Having just returned from two weeks in the Orkney Islands working on the Ness of Brodgar excavation, it is interesting to return to the Colne Valley and compare the two places.