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Natural Connections Project Gains Grant from Green Recovery Challenge Fund

Groundwork South and London Borough of Hillingdon submitted a joint bid to the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund for a project entitled ‘Natural Connections : Colne Valley Park’. We are excited to report that our project was approved.

Nature’s Space Invaders

The watercourses are the blue veins of the Colne Valley Regional Park, providing a lifeline for all wildlife, encouraging a diversity of aquatic and terrestrial species and giving a vital source of water, recreation and relaxation for us humans, too. Sadly, they face many challenges and threats, main ones are over-abstraction, pollution, high water consumption and the widespread problem of non-native invasive species (NNIS) our ‘space invaders’ Find out how we are helping....


The Arts Society Gerrards Cross – Children’s Art Competition

You could win a £50 voucher in our art competition! So, dust off your arts and craft stuff, rummage through your mum’s sewing box, check out your recycling and create a memory of your visit to the Colne Valley Park...

Find the perfect place to stay in The Colne Valley Regional Park…

The Colne Valley Park has many unique, rural accommodation venues, in order to make your stay a real relaxing treat. If you are looking for a lovely, unique venue to stay whilst exploring the Colne Valley Park, here are a few of our most popular….

Explore your Colne Valley Park – Summer edition is ready!

Welcome to our new summer newsletter which shares lots of ideas on things to do at this time of year, interesting information about your local countryside and our projects, inspiring stores of how the Colne Valley Park can make a difference to us all and an interview with Lord Randall of Uxbridge and his support for the Park. Enjoy and please do let us know any of your questions or ideas from reading the articles.

The Colne Valley Park making a difference

The Colne Valley Park enriches people’s lives with a big impact, it provides a special place to relax, to be active outdoors, it feeds creative outlets, educates and creates some wonderful times for many local people. It has long been protected as an important space for people’s recreation and wellbeing and that has never been more important to people than in recent times. Meet some of our Colne Valley locals who told us a bit more about what their local countryside has given them in recent times….

Keeping the Colne Valley Park beautiful

It has been wonderful to see so many people really enjoying their local countryside and exploring new areas that they never knew existed. Although most people are respectful of their surroundings, unfortunately we have seen an increase in littering, fly-tipping and thoughtless actions which cause damage and can harm wildlife and cattle.

Art and Photography Exhibition

Art and photography workshops held in September 2019 as part of the Walks Through a Changing Landscape project, supported by the National Lottery Hertiage Fund, provided such opportunities for workshop participants to visit some of Colne Valley Park’s beautiful locations, enabling them to draw upon their own creative spirit...

15 Amazing Things to do in Colne Valley Regional Park

Why not try one of our inspired ideas for enjoying the many things the Colne Valley Regional Park has to offer?