Safeguard the Countryside

The Colne Valley Park was established 50 years ago when the previous generation saw the potential of the Colne Valley to serve communities of west London and adjacent counties in providing an escape into countryside. Since its formation the Colne Valley Park has been successful in safeguarding our countryside. However, today huge areas of this countryside may be about to vanish under High Speed 2, Sough International Freight Exchange and possibly a new runway at Heathrow etc.


The Colne Valley Park is not against all development, we support sustainable development, but loss of land, loss of open space loss of recreational space and loss of habitat does not come without responsibility for the developers to address the impacts on local landscapes, local wildlife and local communities. The damage to local landscapes, rivers, biodiversity and communities will be hard to overcome without substantial support from developers to provide an equivalent or better environment.


It is a difficult task to balance the need for development against the protection of land to benefit a healthy lifestyle, recreation, education, farming and wildlife in today’s modern world, but if we do not try, who will ?




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